About Us

Kids Unlimited

Our mission is to provide families with quality, affordable child care in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our program is funded through the state of Massachusetts. Our main goal is individual attention for each family child care educator. We handle referrals, home visits, and have our own food program for providers following the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) guidelines with online billing. Following these guidelines, educators would receive reimbursement for serving nutritious meals to all children in care.

We provide support to our educators, as well as help them follow the Dept. of Early Education and Care (EEC) rules and regulations. Kids Unlimited has free monthly workshops and free creditable training hours with a wide range of topics in all areas of the family childcare business. In addition, the workshops provide the opportunity for providers to meet one another, exchange ideas and to discuss current events that relate to family childcare.

Kids Unlimited hosts multiple children’s parties/events during the year for our childcare providers to attend.

We provide a substitute care policy for the children that are placed through our agency (with the exception of private referrals). This policy is convenient for a provider who needs to close their day care for personal days, doctor appointments, when provider’s own children are sick, vacation days, etc.